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Day of Infamy

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"Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Online" posted in Announcements by Sunspoticus on 5/8/2018 9:47:36 AM
40 player PvP server, BattleEye enabled, running vanilla settings
"Day of Infamy Dedicated Server Now Online!" posted in Announcements by Sunspoticus on 5/8/2018 9:45:21 AM
8 Player Ranked Co-Op, SourceMod enabled
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Back Alleys of Tantras
06/01 at 5:00 PM
06/02 at 8:30 AM
Star Trek: Artemis
06/02 at 6:00 PM
Mystamyr 5e
06/02 at 11:00 AM
Star Trek: El Dorado
06/03 at 8:00 AM
06/09 at 8:30 AM
Traveller: Pirates of Drinax
06/09 at 6:00 PM
Star Trek: El Dorado
06/10 at 8:00 AM
Time Lords
06/10 at 2:00 PM
SXG Management Meeting
06/12 at 7:00 PM
Back Alleys of Tantras
06/15 at 5:00 PM
06/16 at 8:30 AM
Star Trek: Artemis
06/16 at 6:00 PM
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